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Ramadan Steps Challenge

Ramadan is a month of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and community building. However, it can also be a challenging time for staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many people who are fasting find themselves sedentary during the day and indulge

The Impact of Employee Health on Company Productivity

Globally, there has been a stagnation in labor productivity around the world since its spike in 2020. After increasing the gross domestic product (GDP) per hour by 4.5% in 2020, the numbers have slowed down and stalled since 2021. The

Communication is Everything

The key to launching and maintaining a successful wellness program at your organization is how you communicate the initiative and benefits to employees. Get this wrong and it could be the difference between a highly engaged, exciting program and a

How to Create a FUN Steps Challenge at your Organization

Hosting a steps challenge at your organization brings employees together in positive social connections and is an effective way to help employees focus on their health.  At STEPPI, we see more than a 50% average increase in activity for companies

Getting Leadership Buy-In!

Our most successful corporate wellness programs are endorsed by senior management and key stakeholders, when they effectively communicate the purpose and benefits of the company corporate wellness program, employee awareness, engagement, and participation increase.  Before announcing your employee wellness program,

How to incentivize your challenges

Incentivizing individuals to be active increases activity by as much as 45%, so it goes without saying the incentive strategy is up there when planning an effective and highly engaged wellbeing program.   The first step is to lock in

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