Hosting a steps challenge at your organization brings employees together in positive social connections and is an effective way to help employees focus on their health.  At STEPPI, we see more than a 50% average increase in activity for companies when participating in a challenge on the app.

By encouraging employees to have fun while communicating the important health benefits of exercise, you can make fitness fun for everybody!

Be Creative

There are many possibilities when planning a steps challenge, and creativity is key!  Team’s challenges will ignite friendly competition; consider the structure of your organization – a Department Vs. Department challenge is a great place to start, or if your organization is multi-regional, you could host a Country Vs Country challenge. 

Individual daily goal challenges are a great way to help employees form a healthy habit and stick to it.  10,000 steps a day is considered healthy, and with most people in a desk job averaging just 6,000, they will need to walk an extra 4 miles every day!

Reward Accomplishments

Including prizes in your steps challenge will boost engagement and motivate employees to get up and get moving!  It is important to make sure you recognize not only the highest steppers but also award those who have taken the biggest leap forward.  

Consistency and improvement shouldn’t go unnoticed, praising and rewarding individuals for outstanding achievements like most improved, most consistent and the most significant motivator are all excellent ways to make rewarding employees more accessible.

Add a special award or extra points for sending in fun photos of walking or working out and share them with the team as a montage at the end of the challenge, to bring people together and inspire colleagues to get active.

At STEPPI, we have a tool kit of hundreds of tried and tested challenges designed to give employees an extra pep in their step and add a sprinkle of STEPPI fun at your workplace.


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