Pricing Plans

Simple pricing options for all
business sizes from SME to Enterprise

Our flexible payment plans give you the choice to select what works best for your organization.

For enterprise +500 employees


30 Day Challenge

Prices from:

AED 45
per employee*
Great for a one-time campaign or to get started on a challenge.


Quarterly Program

Prices from:

AED 30
per employee monthly*
For organizations who want to create a seasonal program or series of challenges.


12 month program

Prices from:

Best Value

AED 20
per employee monthly*
For organizations who want to create a yearly wellness program for employees.

*Price per employee varies depending on the number of users and length of the program. The prices listed above reflect rates for programs accommodating up to 500 users.


User Features

  • Track activity data
  • Set fitness goals
  • Live leaderboards
  • Progress prompts
  • In challenge chat/cheer
  • English/Arabic language
  • Fitness rewards
  • Create friends challenges

Admin Features

  • Company dashboard
  • Easy employee onboardingĀ 
  • Simple challenge creation
  • 16 unique challenge modes
  • Data analytics
  • Email and push notification
  • Export company data
  • Purchase employee incentives


  • Dedicated Account ManagerĀ 
  • Challenge planning
  • Creative assets
  • Communication plan
  • Program administration
  • Employee supportĀ 
  • Data reporting
  • Program Planning

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