The key to launching and maintaining a successful wellness program at your organization is how you communicate the initiative and benefits to employees. Get this wrong and it could be the difference between a highly engaged, exciting program and a non-starter.

At STEPPI we can help with a complete comms plan and creatives to give your wellness program the buzz it deserves around the office. Here are some top tips when planning an effective communication strategy:

  • Initial outreach should be fun, informative and we recommend creating a sub-brand to distinguish the program from the usual day to day work tasks.
  • Show employees how the corporate wellness program will benefit them, what’s in it for me? What prizes or incentives are you offering?
  • Create a comms strategy starting with launch, to onboarding assets, challenge announcements and challenge results highlighting individuals accomplishments and group stats.
  • Include the human element, add photos, congratulate winners and host an awards ceremony with certificates for winners.

Once you have an awesome comms plan, make sure to shout it from the rooftops utilizing all
of the channels of communication that are most used by your organization:

  • Teams
  • Yammer sites
  • WhatsApp groups
  • Telegram groups
  • Emails
  • LinkedIn
  • Company social media sites
  • Newsletters
  • Breakroom tabletop tents
  • Posters
  • Screen Savers
  • App notifications
  • TV’s around the offices
  • Meeting announcements
  • Staff meetings
  • New joiners orientations

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